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Aug 8, 2013 11:00pm EDT
in san diego. everybody in the american league is chasing the red hot detroit tigers. a double to the gap part of a 10-3 tigers win. 12 wins in a row. detroit with the best record in the american league. opening round in the pga championship, golf's final major of the year, tiger woods shooting for u.s. first major title in five years. tiger is six shots off the lead and one of the leaders is gym fuhrer. five under par, 65 for fuhrer. more on the ravens tomorrow, hoping everybody was healthy hoping everybody was healthy after hundreds of miles for hiking...or biking. endless rivers and streams ready to take your breath away. and more than enough wineries to please every pallet. we're ready to make your new york state vacation perfect. there's never been a better time to vacation in new york state. plan your vacation at it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- how 100% fiber optics takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music. once i realized how fast it was, that's when i g
Aug 9, 2013 4:30am EDT
slumping is detroit pitcher max scherzer. the tigers' ace improved. completing a four-game sweep of the indians. >>> the l.a. dodgers continue their red-hot play on the road. a.j. ellis smacked a three-run homer helping the dodgers to a 5-1 win over st. louis. l.a. hoss won 17 of their last 18 games at home. >>> the baltimore ravens were back on the field for the first time since winning the super bowl. baltimore opened their preseason schedule against the bucs in reiny tampa. the ravens got a 7-6 lead. the defending champs don't look back from there. they win, 44-16. and the super bowl runners-up were also back in action. the san francisco 49ers hosting the denver broncos, before star quarterbacks collin kaepernick and peyton manning played just one series. the only touchdown comes when niners' running back d.j. harper coughs up the ball and phillips returns with a score. the broncos win, 10-6. >>> finally, just because you earn the tens of millions of dollar as year and you are the face of the nba doesn't mean you can escape jury duty. lebron james got his notice in the mail an
Aug 21, 2013 12:00pm EDT
. where'd you get these? i thought you'd like it. well, i do like it. a lot. detroit to texas ♪ texas to l.a. ♪ who brings it to you? ♪ who? ♪ who's your rock off? ♪ footprint to the bayou ♪ across the southern plains ♪ ♪ who brings it to you? ♪ who? ♪ who's your rock off hey, i didn't know you smoked. yeah. once in a while. [retching] hey, want another one? all right. you made your point. what if i helped you get to murphy and the money? then would you make me your partner? no. why not? because you bring nothin' to the table, ok? well, where's your car now, mr. smartypants? murphy's drivin' it, mr. i-blow-chunks- when-i-smoke. exactly. he's driving your stolen car. yeah, murphy's driving my stolen-- yeah. coupe de ville. license plate 3-k-m-t-g. [police sirens blare] policeman over loudspeaker: step out of the car. now. ok. thanks a lot. shut the ignition off and step out of the vehicle, please. murphy: cheerleaders. holding tank officer: come on, stud. cheerleaders. so, what are you in for? jaywalkin' or a visitor's pass? nothin' that romantic. grand theft truck. y
Aug 12, 2013 4:30am EDT
of the ninth gives new york a 5-4 win over detroit. >>> and in preseason football, the colts and bills treat fans to game-breaking plays. indianapolis receiver t.y. hilton gets open along the sidelines and makes a diving catch far a 45-yard touchdown. that may have been topped by this play, buffalo rookie marquise goodwin was a college track star at texas, and he shows his speed here. goodwin returns the kick-off 107 yards for a touchdown. the bills win, 44-20. >>> and if you think he's fast, when we return, a look at the fastest man in the world. scientists try to figure out why usain bolt blows by the competition. >> announcer: sports sponsored by autostop. new autostop is foolproof. gray is over. autostop is foolproof. gray is over. [ male announcer ] running out of steam? ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle. need a little kick? ooh! >>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, partly sunny, 88
Aug 13, 2013 4:30am EDT
-1. >>> detroit shortstop jose iglesias may have had the defensive play of the night. he makes a offhanded bare-handed throw to help get phegley out. they lose to the white sox 6-2. >>> and a wild one between the orioles and diamondbacks. baltimore's chris davis ties it on the sixth home run of the year. orioles would rally in the ninth to tie at game at 6-6. arizona's adam eaton hammers the first pitch he sees for the walk-off home run. the diamondbacks win 7-6. >>> when we return, california dreaming. an entrepreneur's plan to transport people from l.a. to san francisco on an ultra fast cushion of air. ,,,,,, >>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., severe thunderstorms today. atlanta, afternoon thunderstorms. partly sunny in st. louis, but afternoon thunderstorms in denver. and party sunny in seattle with a high of 80. ♪ >>> they call themselves oceans 16. and are powerball's newest millionaires. the nine women and seven men work for the new jersey department of vehicle services. and had one of the three winning tickets in last week's mega
Aug 11, 2013 7:00pm EDT
outside detroit. >> willard mazure: i'm on 60 milligrams of morphine a day with no cure in sight. there is no cure in sight for me. >> pelley: willard mazure's morphine is to kill the pain from the fungal infection. we asked the patients to sit down in the first two rows, and many of them brought family to the auditorium. michigan is a hotspot for the toxic steroid, one of 23 states that received the drug from massachusetts. st. joseph mercy has treated 189 patients, all of whom endure brutal anti-fungal drugs. >> mazure: the medicine is just unbearable. you know, they talk about cancer treatments, and i'm sure they're unbearable, too. but this is some unbearable stuff. >> pelley: this is the fungus. it is a sample that has been grown from the spinal fluid of a patient. the fungus is a form of mold that attacks bone and nerves. the patients who had it injected in the spine have an infection called meningitis, which can also reach the brain. have the doctors told any of you that the fungus is gone and you never have to worry about it again? >> no. >> absolutely not. no. >> pelley:
Aug 8, 2013 7:00am EDT
washington. >> and the "detroit free press" says a longdy distance swimmer with a long trim. he swam across lake st. clair. he dragged along cement blocks. it took 51 hours. >>> highly educated women walked way from their careers to stay home and raise their children. lesley stahl reported on the trend for "60 minutes" in 2004. >> you clerked at the supreme court for ruth gator ginsburg and walked away. >> i know myself and when i work at something i work hard. when i was there, i was working until midnight every night and my husband started a surgical residency where he was completely unavailable. i was afraid that if i was working, there would be no parent there with the children and i wanted to experience getting to know my children being there in a consistent way. >> she's hardly alone. every wednesday morning this church in suburban maryland is full of women who have stepped out of the full-time work force to spend time with their children. >> you go into a negotiation if you're normal feeling a certain inadequacy. >> torey hall and sheila icele. once a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7